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Work underway on St. Luke's Boise Bannock Street redesign

By Anita Kissee, News and Community
May 17, 2019

After years of planning, construction is finally underway for projects around St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center, including the transformation of the Bannock corridor into a dynamic shared space.

The redesign is a part of St. Luke’s Boise’s master plan and was developed through community workshops and the guidance of leading national experts to determine the best use of the space and thoroughfares around the hospital. The Bannock corridor will be able to accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles while continuing to be a safe, inviting space for employees, patients and families. Roadway travel will be north of the hospital, leaving space for landscaped areas on the south side.   

Donations made to St. Luke’s that have been placed in the Bannock Street area over the years will find new homes in the new space. When construction is complete, donor bricks, benches, plaques, light posts, fountains and other special features will be reinstalled, and information regarding their new locations will be made available to the public.

During construction, which began in late April and is expected to conclude at the end of summer, the one-block stretch of Bannock and plaza spaces will be closed to use. The construction team is trying keep an east/west path open for easy pedestrian passage between the St. Luke’s parking lot and garage, the main hospital, the South Tower and Anderson Center and 1st Street.

St. Luke’s, the City of Boise, designers and the community will test and evaluate safety, usage, bicycle speeds, potential conflict zones and traffic patterns with the new roundabout, cycle track and improved intersections around the hospital. The Boise City Council will make a final decision on what modes of transportation are appropriate for the corridor.

Stay informed by learning more about St. Luke's Boise development projects or attending community workshops in May.

About The Author

Anita Kisseé is the Treasure Valley public relations manager for St. Luke’s Health System.